About Us

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What We Do

Content Services

Covering the communities of the United States, we produce thousands of stories per day. We’d also like to help tell your story.

Website Creation

Establishing and building your identity on the web. We know the best ways to unite you with your customers and build relationships.

Audience Building

Building audiences large and small with our repository of data. We get results using precision targeting.

Social Promotion

Getting the right exposure for our content and your business requires social media savvy. Our team of experts has that in spades.

Public Relations

Building your reputation with the tools outlined here. Want to be known for something? We help make it happen.

Content Strategy

Getting customized content in front of the people you’d like to talk to. We know what to say and how to say it to get your point across.

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Why We Do It

Media is changing with it, the distribution of print news evolves into a primarily digital channel.

In the wake of this change, we at Franklin Archer are working hard to keep community news at your fingertips. and help you keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your neighborhood.

What It’s Like to Work with Us

Local Businesses

Interested in your business being a part of the conversation in nearby communities?

Franklin Archer has a full scale team to compose and amplify sponsored content about your business. Regardless of your level of internet presence, we want to help tell your story to people who will contribute to your success.

Keri Losh
Owner, Flags for Faith

"On days I use to do $0 I am now doing $300. Thanks to you guys, I’m now backlogged two weeks! This is the busiest I’ve ever been."


Doug Ware
Operations Manager, Iowa Factory Prefinish

"Within 6 weeks of my first article written by FranklinArcher, I landed my largest customer to date! My new customer even asked me how he could get an article like mine. All I know is, they told me content works and it DOES!"

National Businesses

Are you looking to reinforce your national brand on a personalized, local level?

Franklin Archer will work with you to create and amplify sponsored content that’s locally relevant. You’ll get an audience that’s already engaged because you’re having a customized conversation with them on a community level, instead of blasting slogans across the country.